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Slide App: Frequently Asked Question

What is Slide app?

Slide is a free iOS & Android app that allows you to earn unlimited 4% cash back instantly when you use it to pay online or in-store through contactless checkout. For a more in-depth understanding of Slide, please check out our How-to Guide: How Slide Works.

How does Slide app work?

Before checking out with a Slide partner, you should:

  • Open the Slide app
  • Select the merchant
  • Enter the purchase amount (incl. taxes and shipping)
  • Complete transaction and you’ve earned 4%.

Once you’ve completed the transaction, Slide generates a barcode, serial, and pin for you to use at checkout. Copy the serial number and pin generated by Slide into the merchant’s “Gift Card” mechanism at checkout if you’re shopping online or scan the barcode if you’re shopping in-store.

Does Slide Provide you with Instant Cash Back?

Yes! Once you make a transaction in Slide, you’re account is automatically updated with the earned cash back. Remember, if you prefund, you can get an additional 1% cash back on top of the 4% instant cash back.

Is Slide free?

Slide is a free app to download and use. You only have to pay for the transactions you make.

Where can I download the Slide app?

The Slide app is available for download on both Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

What stores are in the Slide app?

The Slide app has over 200 brand partners currently available. To get the full list please visit our Slide brand partners page.

Is Slide a credit card?

No. Slide is not a credit card. You do have to apply to use the app and we do not provide you with a line of credit. To use Slide you will need to attach a payment method, and a rewards credit card is highly encouraged.

Can I earn cash back with Slide?

You can earn an unlimited 4% cash back on every transaction you make in Slide. If you pre-fund your account, you can get an additional 1%, meaning you can get up to 5% on every transaction as long as you pre-fund the account. The more you use Slide, the more you earn.

Can I withdraw the cash back I earn?

Yes! You can withdraw your funds to Venmo or PayPal once you have earned $15. Additionally, you can also apply your earned cash back towards a future purchase.

What payment methods can I use?

You can use:

  • Credit card (Pro tip: Use a rewards credit card and stack your rewards.)
  • Debit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • BitPay
  • PayPal

What is cash back stacking?

Cash back stacking is when you use multiple cash back programs at once to get the most out of your purchase. For example, if you attach a credit card to Slide that has it’s own cash back rewards program, you can get Slide’s 5% cash back on top of your credit cards rewards.

Can I use Slide online?

Yes! Slide works both online and in-store. When you’re shopping online, add the card serial numbers and pin to the gift card section at checkout. If you’re in-store have the person at the register scan the barcode as a gift card.

Can I use Slide in-store?

Yes! When you’re visiting one of our brand partners, use slide to pay at checkout. Once you’ve inputted your total check out amount, have the person at the register scan the barcode as a gift card and you’re all set.

Does Slide have a referral program?

Yes, you can refer your friends and we’ll reward you with $5 for the first four transactions your friend makes that’s over $10. As an additional value, the person you refer also gets $5 off their first four purchases of $10 or more. Learn more about the referral program here.

Does Slide have an affiliate program?

Yes! If you want to promote us and earn money in the process, feel free to sign up for our affiliate program.