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New User Bonus: Get up to $20 Off When You Sign Up for Slide.

Try Slide & get rewarded instantly.

New to Slide? We’re making the Slide app even more rewarding. On top of the cash back you earn when you pay with Slide, we already offer an additional 1-2% cash back for prefunding your account, plus additional earning potential through our referral program. But now we’re offering a $20 sign-up bonus for new users. To get your $20 bonus, simply download the app and sign up.

How it works

Unlike other rewards apps, it’s so easy to get your $20. All you have to do is start paying with Slide! After signing up, you’ll get a $5 promotional credit added to your account. Use your credit on a purchase of $20 or more at any of our 250+ retailers or restaurants and you’ll receive another $5 promotional credit. Repeat the previous step two more times and get yourself another $5 off per transaction. That’s it!

It really is that simple.

  1. Sign up > get $5 credit
  2. Make your first purchase in 90 days > get another $5 credit
  3. Make your second purchase within 7 days of your last one  > get another $5 credit
  4. Make your third purchase within 7 days of your last one > get another $5 credit

And just like that, you’ve received $20 off purchases you were already going to make.

We’re making earning money easier and more rewarding. The only hard part is deciding where to shop first!


Does the $5 promotional credit expire? 

Yes, your first credit expires 90 days after sign up. After that each credit expires 7 days after you receive it. If you let your promotional credit expire, you won’t be eligible for any further promotional credits. Please use them within that 7 day period so you don’t miss out.

Do I have to use my promotional credit before I can get the next promotional credit?

Yes, in order to receive your next promotional credit, you need to make a purchase of $10 or more and apply your current $5 promotional credit to that transaction.